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Ride the Riverwalk

April 5, 2014, by Joanne Cogle in Blog, news, Ride on Bikes

Spring has sprung! Check out our April newsletter and jump on our email list right here. We have an amazing resource at our finger tips, or should we say at our wheels.  Our Riverwalk is one of a kind and provides Columbus with a unique attraction for people of all ages.  With the warmer weather the […]

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Coming Up at Ride On Bikes:

February 13, 2014, by Joanne Cogle in Blog, news, Ride on Bikes

February 17 – 630pm – Real Men Use Oils – What’s the new buzz on the streets of Columbus? Essential oils have the ability to heal and improve your quality of life, and it’s not just for the ladies. Guys, join George Willock as he walks you through some of the dos and don’ts of […]

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Bike Fit: Is it worth it?

January 14, 2014, by Joanne Cogle in Blog, news, Ride on Bikes

Bike Fit: Is it worth it? This is one of the top questions that I am asked as a coach and as an experienced athlete. Is it worth spending the money on a professional fit? My answer is almost always a definite, confident, and firm YES. Any decent bike shop, and most definitely Ride On […]

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Merry Christmas!

December 19, 2013, by Joanne Cogle in Ride on Bikes

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 cranks a-crankin’ 11 pedals pedaling 10 pumps a-pumpin’ 9 bike lights flashing 8 chains a=churning 7 stems adjusting 6 gears a-shifting 5 carbon rims 4 handle bars 3 front brakes 2 electric hubs 1 and a cartridge and some bearing Merry Christmas […]

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Baby it’s cold outside…

November 27, 2013, by Joanne Cogle in Blog, news

We have seen the temperatures drop dramatically over the past few weeks, which has made riding bicycles a little chilly.  We have some options for you to make it your ride toasty warm and maybe be that missing gift for the cyclist on your list. 1. Dress in layers: Use many thin, warm layers rather […]

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November 18 Alternative Transportation Plan Open House

November 14, 2013, by Joanne Cogle in Blog, news, Ride on Bikes

We need your help again.  We have another opportunity to change our community for the better.  On November 18 there will be an open house for the alternative transportation initiative.  This is a chance for the cycling/running/walking/active community to voice their opinions and support for a safer alternative transportation community.  Help us rally together! Hope […]

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Light It Up Blue for Autism!

November 8, 2013, by Joanne Cogle in Blog, news, Ride on Bikes

Our local Autism chapter needs our help. Join us for the first Light it up Blue for Autism Night Bike Ride November 9, 2013. Registration isn’t necessary, but your gift will help supply our local autism chapter with tools needed for therapy. $25 grabs you a tshirt, glow stick, and raffle ticket for a glow […]

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Ride All Year

November 5, 2013, by Joanne Cogle in Blog, news, Ride on Bikes

Winter bike blues?  The weather is becoming unpredictable and it’s getting cooler.  As a result, a lot of us (unless we are hardcore) tend to park our bikes in the garage and wait the winter months out.  Why not step outside your box and try something new…like Mountain Biking?  This is a great way to […]

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Pedaling for Kids

October 14, 2013, by Joanne Cogle in Blog, news, Ride on Bikes

Looking for a ride this coming weekend? Pedaling for Kids’ is a non-profit charity created and committed to raise monies to fund special projects and purchase needed equipment for disabled children in our local community. The goal of ‘Pedaling for Kids’ is to provide necessary items for the disabled children in our community not provided […]

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Cycling and Nutrition -Karen Linden

October 7, 2013, by Joanne Cogle in Ride on Bikes

When you go on a ride you make sure to have all the essentials with you.   You make sure to have all the equipment you need in order to ride effectively -tire kit, helmet, shoes, gloves, glasses and the list goes on.  But the looming question is, “Do you have the proper nutrition?” Proper nutrition […]

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